Best Areas to Visit on Your First Trip to Tokyo!

JLD01801If your the type to make a list of top places to visit, Japan should be at the top of your list. Japan is one of our favorite places we’ve ever traveled to and can’t wait to go back. It’s absolutely beautiful, clean, safe, friendly and has so many cool things to do.

Tokyo, Japans capital, is a mixture of ultramodern and traditional with skyscrapers right next to historic temples. For being ranked the most populous metropolitan area in the world we found Tokyo so easy to get around and surprisingly clean with and endless amount of things to do. So here’s a list of our favorite places we visited and favorite things to do in the city!



Shinjuku is a major nightlife area in Tokyo where you’ll easily be entertained just walking around. It’s also where you’ll find the famous Robot Restaurant, arcades, VR Zone and many Purikura photobooths to make all your Korean beauty dreams come true. Shinjuku is also where you’ll find Golden Gai, a area of narrow and winding alleys with tiny taverns that only seat about 5 people at a time. So if you want to go to the coolest area for bar hopping Golden Gai in Shinjuku will not disappoint.



Shibuya is a great location for some of the best higher end shopping and home to the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing where some 10 lanes of traffic and 5 major walkways that as many as 2,500 pedestrians at rush hour can cross all at once all without crashing into each other. It is completely mesmerizing to watch and even more exciting to actually walk it! You can head right over the the local Starbucks in that area to get a bit of a higher up view but the best (and free) viewing spot is the rooftop of the department store Mag’s Park.



From here you can take an easy walk to Yoyogi Park that’s home to the beautiful Meji Shrine. Once your in the park you’ll have a hard time believing your in one of the most populated cities in the world. It’s like a huge forest in the middle of the city and you can barely even hear the sounds of the street on the outside. We absolutely loved taking a break from the August sun and busy streets to take a walk in such a scenic and peaceful park.







Harajuku is the trendy hub for colorful street art and the fashion scene in Tokyo. This is the area that you’ll want to do your vintage shopping while keeping an eye out for the Harajuku girls completely decked out in crazy and yet cutest outfits you’ve ever seen. The main street to walk and shop is Takeshita St. but if you want the true and more real Harajuku scene then find your way to Cat St. and Brahms path. There you’ll find a more chill vibe with some of my favorite vintage shops I’ve ever been to.

While in the Harajuku District make sure to find your way to the Tokyo Plaza Omotesando. Go all he way to the top where you’ll find a sweet little cafe with a great view of the city and sweet vibes.




Asakusa was one of our favorite areas to explore after having been in the busier areas of Tokyo. It has an older and more traditional feel to the streets. Asakusa is also home to one of our favorite temples in Tokyo called the Sensoji Temple. You’ll know when you’re getting closer to the temple as the street take on a more traditional look and street signs start pointing you in the direction the market leading up to the Temple where you can buy trinkets and souvenirs.






Akihabara is where you’ll find all the tech and anime shops. While neither Jason nor I are big gamers and anime lovers Akihabara is still one of the most interesting places to walk around and just observe the craziness of the area. You’ll find bazaar themed cafes on every corner including Maide cafe’s where you have to say things like “meow meow” while wearing bunny ears to get the attention of your waitress. Honestly, if you come across one of these and you really want a memorable and hilarious experience just say yes and go right in. You will NEVER forget it!

This tech and anime hub has more than enough things to do to keep you busy but one of my all time favorite things we did while there was visit one of the Forest of Owls Cafes where you can pet, interact and even hold the cutest rescued owls and other exotic birds!




These were just a few of our favorite memories while visiting Japan and there are so many other areas we can’t wait to explore on our next trip there (we loved it so much we’re already scheming on when to go back). Until then, I hope this helps anyone who is looking for different areas to visit in Tokyo since it’s such a HUGE city!

If you’ve been there comment below and tell us your favorite spots to visit! We love hearing from you ❤

~ Shields

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